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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Simmons thinks he is above the law

Let me get this straight. A judge orders that a Ten Commandment display be removed and the House pass a law that says to ignore the decision of the courts? Are they kidding? Imagine if they tried to pull something like this off in the 50s when the courts mandated that schools intergrate (Brown v. Education).

Of all the Represenatives in Connecticut, Rob Simmons was the lone supporter of this stupid bill.
"Congressman Simmons has always supported the rights of individual states, not the federal judiciary, to decide whether to display the Ten Commandments on public property," the congressman's chief of staff, Todd Mitchell, said.

Simmons was the lone member of the state's House delegation to vote in favor of an amendment to a Justice Department appropriations bill proposed by Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind.

It marked the third time in as many years that Simmons has supported similar amendments proposed by Hostettler, with whom he serves on the House Armed Forces Committee's Readiness Subcommittee.

Hostettler's latest measure would prohibit funds from being used to enforce the Jan. 31 order of a federal judge in Russelburg v. Gibson, which centered on a Ten Commandments monument placed on the grounds of the Gibson County Courthouse by the local Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1956.


Hostettler said in a speech on the House floor that Young's decision was "inconsistent with both the clear intent of the framers and the Christian heritage of the United States, which was recounted by the Supreme Court in 1892.

"While it is true this opinion is consistent with more recent Supreme Court decisions," he added, "it is time that Congress exercise its authority to end the practical effect of this judicial misunderstanding."
Misunderstanding? I always thought that Congress created laws and the Courts enforce interperate the law (Thanks Jim).
What ever happened to seperation of powers? So when the courts don't decide in your favor, you can just judge not to enforce the law?
Rob Simmons supports the religious right wingnuts and should be ashamed of himself in supporting this bill. How is this in the best interest of his district?