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Monday, June 20, 2005

Sullivan to run for Governor

From the Hartford Courant
Lt. Gov. Kevin B. Sullivan is leaving his job as a Trinity College vice president July 1, clearing the way for a possible run for governor in 2006.

"What this means is I have an absolutely clear deck," Sullivan said Thursday of his ability to run for governor. "I am leaning very strongly in that direction."


Rell and Sullivan were thrust into their current jobs July 1 by John G. Rowland's resignation in the face of an impeachment inquiry. As a Republican and Democrat, Rell and Sullivan have been a rarity in Connecticut politics.

Rowland's departure elevated Rell, his lieutenant for all nine years as governor. As the president pro tem of the Senate, a position that made Sullivan the most influential member of the General Assembly, Sullivan automatically succeeded Rell.
Sullivan is a powerful Connecticut politician and can be a strong contender for the Democratic nomination but if Richard Blumenthal decides to make a run for the position, it's going to be hard for Sullivan to win (but fun to watch).