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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mayor Boughton backtracks in deputizing state police

The Mayor Boughton backtracking continues:
Mayor Mark Boughton's request to deputize state police as immigration agents isn't going anywhere, he said.

"There has been no official word, but based on my conversations with the state police commissioner and the governor, I would say chances are very slim," Boughton said.

Boughton's plan to deputize state police never had a chance in the first place. His proposal and comments on illegal immigrants created a backlash he did not expect and he deserves all the bad press he is now receiving. He claimed that illegal immigrants are drining the city's resources but failed to show which city resources are being effected and by how much. His weeks of grandstanding on this issue on network television has casted Danbury in a negative light with the extrere right-wing wackos poutring gas on the fire with their rheotirc such as the idiotic CT Citizens for Immigration Control with their silly attempts to link illegal immirgrants to 9/11.

His actions enraged the Latino community and needless to say, Broughton's challengers are in full attack mode.
"He was pandering to one side of the issue to keep people happy," said Dean Esposito, a Democrat who plans to run against Boughton in November. "He thought it would shore up a lot of votes with Danburians who have concerns with immigrants in the city."

Terry Tierney, another Democrat who wants to challenge Boughton, said the mayor was in over his head.

"I'm certainly not in favor of breaking the law, but as far as illegal immigration, that is strictly a federal issue. There is no way we are going to be able to police illegal immigration in Danbury or even attempt to try it," Tierney said.
If the March for Unity is any indication of the citizen's disapproval (1200 people marching is an impressive number), Boughton and the Republicans might pay a heavy price for their actions. My question is why was the only democrat who showed up at the march was Lew Wallace? The democrats need to grow a step up and be more vocal in their opposition to Boughton if they have a chance in ousting him.