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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Senate debate report

Any reports from the second sebate debate will be posted here. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the event in Hartford but the bloggers are on the scene and will file reports soon.

Here's an early report.
Bob Schieffer moderated, and Lieberman went over time every single answer until Schieffer just cut his mike. Joe is a bully to the press, and Schieffer slapped him. Subtle, but hilarious..

Alan did great, again, and Joe's people are worried. Lieberman wouldn't even come out for post-debate questions.

Ned did much better this time. Ralph Nader was there, and the press is completely into Alan Ross Perot.

Also, Joe reiterated a call for regime change in Iran.
Come back to this post for more updates.

5:30: I'm hearing more reports and it seems like Joe Lieberman acted like a complete jerk on stage and Bob Schieffer kept cutting his mic off. Too funny.

6:00: Oh man, Joe really got his clock cleaned today. Ned Lamont hit a homerun and Alan Schlesinger is now the Ross Perot of Connecticut. Here's another report from Firedoglake.
Schlesinger ripped into Joe up, down, left and right over his record, calling him an out and out failure, and refusing to allow Joe to make the case for the Republican votes he so craves. At one point, Schlesinger began an exchange that went something like this:

Schlesinger: If you had someone doing a job for eighteen years, and after eighteen years, their record was one of complete failure, what would you do? What do you think should happen with that person?. . . Ned, you're a businessman: what would you say about someone like that?

Lamont: I'd say, "It's time to go, Joe!"

6:20: Heard that the media was all over Schlesinger and Lamont while once again, Lieberman exited stage right.

Here are some photos from today

Debate Hall

The Kiss float hits the scene

Paranoid Liebergoon now tracking Alan Schlesinger

Everyone swarms Lamont after debate

9:20: People-Powered Media!
9:30: Whack!
Asked to respond to young people's fear that social security funds would disappear for them, Lieberman repeated his claim that "The social security trust fund has enough to pay benefits until 2040."

Schlesinger (pictured) recoiled: "You know, Joe, this is why I'm running against you." "There is no money in the social security trust fund. It's a cruel hoax." He said he's the only candidate offering solutions. Turning to Lieberman, he said: "I know you're just a member of the flock, but it's time for you to fly away."