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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut releases new ad

On the heels of Bill Hillsman's popular television ad for The Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, the nonprofit statewide charity released a new radio ad and press release, which makes the claim that motor vehicles in Connecticut are better insured than more than 400,000 residents of the state. .
The ad, drawing on the power of radio's theater-of-the mind, makes the case that Connecticut is more concerned about insuring cars than insuring people. The spot showcases a sick man who decides he’s ill enough that he must jump into his car to head to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. As he arrives, he crashes his car into the wall of a hospital but tells people not to worry since he has "comprehensive auto coverage."

The ad draws sharp contrast that while the man isn't covered by health insurance, his car is covered -- since it is mandated by law. The state of Connecticut requires that all registered motor vehicles carry liability insurance and that insurance must be maintained at all times when there is an active registration entitling the vehicle to be operated on the public highway.

"The question about someone needing health care at some point in their life isn't 'if'. It's "when," and "where," and "how," said Juan A. Figueroa, President of Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. "And if someone isn't covered by insurance, they often wait until a condition is serious and then end up in the emergency room where they inevitably will be treated. This is far more expensive than paying for preventive care and taxpayers end up footing the bill on the backend. By providing comprehensive, universal coverage up front, we can make sure everyone in the state has coverage, prevent expensive visits to the emergency room, and save Connecticut taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year."