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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hang out at Lieberman's place this Sunday

I ripped this from MLN. I don't think Kim would mind since this the more attention this events gets, the better...
Palm Sunday / Passover

Memorial Vigil at the Home of
Senator Joe Lieberman

Sunday, April 1

6:30 PM: Gather on New Haven Green at Chapel & Temple St.

7:00 PM: Processional walk across the street to Senator Lieberman's apartment building. Candlelight vigil there until 8:00 PM.

War is Personal.

The decisions that Senator Lieberman continues to make in every vote on the Iraq War affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in deeply personal ways. It's time to explain to Senator Lieberman that war is personal by demonstrating at his home.

It is deeply personal when a 500 pound bomb is dropped on your home.

It is deeply personal when your children are killed and this is called "acceptable levels of collateral damage."

It is deeply personal when you join the National Guard for a college education and expect to have to stack sandbags in a flood, and wind up returning from your third tour of duty in Iraq with PTSD, a severe brain injury, or no legs.

Join us, in memorializing the hundreds of thousands of victims of Senator Lieberman's Very Personal War.

Sponsored by Connecticut Opposes the War, a coalition of over 50 faith-based organizations, labor unions, advocacy groups, community organizations and thousands of individuals. Sign up now. www.CTcow.org