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Monday, March 19, 2007

Lieberman throws public opinion, Senator Dodd, and the Democratic Party under the bus; won't rule out joining Republican Party

When you watch this clip, please to thank the following Democrats Liebercrats who stood behind Joe.

State Central Chairwoman Nancy NiNardo
House Speaker James "I'll crush you" Amann
AFL-CIO President John Olsen
State Senator Bill Finch
State Rep. Pat Dillon
Waterbury Mayor Mike Jarjura

...feel free to add other Liebercrats to this list in the comments. Each one of these individuals should be reminded of the shenanigans they pulled throughout the summer and after the primary as Lieberman does the following:

1. Throws the public opinion of Democrats in Connecticut and the country under the bus.

2. Slaps Chris Dodd's presidency in the face.

3. Refuses to rule out switching to the Republican Party.

4. Hints at endorsing a Republican candidate for President.

Don't look at me, I voted for this guy.