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Friday, March 16, 2007

CIA Leak Investigaton thread

Happy, happy, joy, joy. We're fianlly going to get some answers behind the CIA Leak case.

This will be an ongoing thread. Check out Firedoglake and Talyor Marsh for more detailed liveblogging and commentary. You can also view the hearing on C-SPAN or on the Committee of Oversight and Government Reform website.

I'll roll out highlights from the hearing throughout the day so come back often.

3.17.07 9:00 A.M.: Olbermann's highlights from Plame's testimony (featuring Larry Johnson).

12:30 P.M.: Rep. Henry Waxman closing remarks highlights during Plame's testimony.

12:20 P.M: Rep. Elenaor Holmes Norton questions Plame on the dangers of outing an CIA agent.

11:50 A.M: Code Pink in the House?!?

You decide, does this look like a woman?

11:45: Who told Cheney and Rove about Plame?

Video via PoliticsTV

11:30: Valerie Plame testimony

You can view clips of Valerie Plame's testimony at Taylor Marsh. It's taking me some time to process all the information and I'll have clips from her testimony later.

UPDATE: Here's video of Plame's opening statement via PoliticsTV.