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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blogger's forum round-up

This morning, the Hartford Courant held a blogger's forum that featured several of the well-known writers from across the state.

Unfortunately, I had to bail out on the event (my daughter CTLauryn has other plans for me) but it sounded like a pretty insightful conversation and a great time (thanks Tim for the shoutout on catching Joe Lieberman's independent comment). Hopefully people have a better understanding of the influence of blogs as well as the fact that we have a life beyond blogging.

You can hear the audio from the entire forum here and CT-N will have the video broadcast of the event available this weekend.

BTW: Genghis, blogs had a MAJOR impact in last year's primary. Blogs followed Lamont around from day one videotaping his events and providing an avenue where a completely unknown person was able to get his message out to a public who knew nothing...NOTHING about him.

Blogging about Lamont during the early days were critical as there wasn't much time between the start of his campaign and the Democratic convention. Lamont needed a portion of the delegate vote in order to force a primary and I think blogs had a great impact providing information to delegates who become interested in Ned's message. In the end, those individuals eventually voted for Lamont and gave him the chance he needed to challenge Lieberman.

Finally, I hope you remember the golden rule "that other blogger" who had a PRESS PASS told you...NEVER, EVER ACCEPT A GUEST PASS).

I could go on and on about the impact of blogs on the primary race as well the general public conversation but I'll save it for the next forum.