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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I guess this just slipped their minds

Full disclosure please...
Here's how The Politico identified Gerstein at the end of the piece:

Dan Gerstein, who served as communications director for Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman's successful general election campaign in 2006, is a political consultant based in New York City and the author of the blog Dangerous Thoughts.

As you can see, The Politico identified Gerstein here as a former communications director to Lieberman.

Now, let's take a look at another Politico piece on Lieberman: One that is up and running on its Web site right now. In the current article, here's how Gerstein is identified:

"Since the debate on the surge, it has been hard," said Dan Gerstein, a former Lieberman aide who continues to serve as a paid adviser. "It is definitely putting some strain on his relations within the caucus.

Got that? This current piece identifies Gerstein by saying that he "continues to serve as a paid adviser" to Lieberman. That would appear to be saying that Gerstein is currently collecting money to advise Lieberman.

If this is correct, here's what this means about the Feb. 16 piece: The Politico let Gerstein publish a long attack on some of Lieberman's most visible foes -- without mentioning that Gerstein is currently advising Lieberman and even appears to be getting paid by Lieberman or by his office or political committee.

So let see, Politico allowed DANGERStein to publish a hit piece on blogs without informing their readers that the lying hack is still on Lieberman's payroll.

...I just remove them from my blogroll.