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Thursday, January 25, 2007

CTLP catches more flip-flops regarding Krayeske's arrest

At this point, it might be better if the police department keeps their mouth shut.
I wanted to pull out one small part of the article, lest it slide into history without comment:

[Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts] said Hartford police decided on their own to set bail of $75,000 for Krayeske, which kept him locked up until a state bail commissioner ordered him released without bail.

Roberts said his officers set a high bail because Krayeske was "evasive" and "uncooperative" after his arrest. Krayeske, an anti-war demonstrator who once taught protesters how to behave if arrested, had asked for a lawyer and refused to answer questions.

First of all, this explanation of why the HPD set the bail so high is at odds with the explanation HPD spokesperson Nancy Mulroy gave me on January 9th:

Ms. Mulroy indicated that the original bail was set with an eye toward Mr. Krayeske's previous criminal record. But his criminal record contains only three arrests for non-violent civil disobedience - hardly the stuff that makes for high bail.

So, which is it? Was the bail set high because Mr. Krayeske had previous convictions for acts of non-violent civl disobedience or because he was "evasive" and "uncooperative"?

Someone should tell the police department to put the shovel down before the hole gets too deep.