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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

James Amann whines to WTIC about his "I'll crush them" comment

Oh, this is just too much.

Seems like Speaker of the House James Amann was on WTIC trying his best to spin his experience with the bloggers.

It is simply amazing how Amann spins the whole "I'll crush them" episode to give the impression that he was ambushed by bloggers when anyone who has seem the video knows that this ws not the case.

Let's take this one step at a time...

First off, after LOSING THE PRIMARY to Ned Lamont (making him the official Democratic nominee for Senate), Joe Lieberman was NO LONGER running as a Democrat. He was now considered a candidate running under a new political party called Connecticut for Lieberman.

Unlike the entire leadership of the Connecticut Democratic Party, it seems like Amann obviously didn't understand the importance of party unity if the Democrats had any chance in capturing all the state Congressional seats.
I wonder if you would have tried that crap if Richard Blumenthal ran against Joe Lieberman and beat him in the primary...I think not. This was about an outsider like Lamont beating a member of the "club" and you couldn't stand it. Instead of doing the right thing and stepping down as Speaker before throwing you "support" behind you man, you chose to spit in the face of the entire Party and don't think anyone will forget (or forgive) you for that.

Second, Ned Lamont's candidacy against Joe Lieberman wasn't exclusively because of Lieberman's Iraq war stance. Unlike other Democrats in Congress who supported the war, Democrats in Connecticut who supported Lamont in the primary disliked Lieberman because he has continuously undermined the Democratic Party. People like Amann like to defend his choice to support Lieberman using the "one issue" excuse which is clearly not the case (just like the rationale behind getting rid of Amann in 2008 will not solely be because of his unwavering support for Lieberman).

Third, how can Amann can talk about a private moment when he was right after a press conference? It's not like bloggers are following politicians into the bathroom pressing them on questions. It was Amann who arrogantly turned around and opened his mouth and uttered the "I'll crush them" comment...no blogger forced him to utter those words.

This is Amann's true self coming to the surface and he knows it. There are many other examples of Amann's sharp tongue throughout the primary (hey James, remember the comment you made about Lamont supporters at the Clinton rally in Waterbury). For the Speaker of the House to make it seem that the bloggers somewhat ambushed him when it was he who blew his top is simply dishonest and outrageous.

For those who haven't seen the video, take a look. Listen to his tone of voice before his "I'll crush them comment."

Again, this is our Speaker of the House.

Three words: Arrogance of Power.

Hopefully come 2008, the people of Milford will have an alternative to this "Democrat." One of Ned Lamont's last stops on his campaign was in Milford and if that crowd was any indication, Amann should be concerned, very concerned about a true progressive candidate challenging him in the general election. There are plenty of reasons to give Amann the boot besides what he did to the party in supporting Lieberman (his stance regarding civil unions is a great start).

For more information on James Amann, click here

UPDATE: Readers on MLN are unloading on Amann's comments from today.
Heard Jimmy on WTIC this morning discussing his infamous "I'll crush them" moment. He was going on about how public figures never have a private moment anymore and have to constantly be on guard for bloggers with cameras. Diane Smith, to her credit, said "But this was just after a press conference, not in a private setting like at a wedding or restaurant."

He also discussed how he rationalizes continuing to support Holy Joe after the primary. He said even though he is allegedly a leader of the party, he is not bound to follow the party "in lockstep". He then said "if I want to continue supporting a fellow Democrat I shouldn't be run out of the party" Uh, Jim, Holy Joe isn't and wasn't a Democrat at that point. He was the CFL candidate and its unseemly for the Democratic Speaker of the House to be supporting him. I wonder how he'll free when the members of his caucus use this excuse when he tries to strong arm them into something. Party loyalty will ring hollow coming from him.

Go CT Bob - to quote another famous moron - "Bring it On!!!"


I remember the whinging about scary bloggers with cameras over the summer, too. After that time that CTBob caught me on video asking Barbara Boxer questions at one of his campaign photo-op events, even Colin McEnroe made a comment about bloggers being stalkers or "ambushing" political figures.

That pisses me off. It's not like CTBob or CTBlogger or Spazeboy ever followed Lieberman into the bathroom and fired questions at him on camera while he was using the urinal. Nobody "stalked" Barbara Boxer or "ambushed" her at her private home or walking out of her hotel room. These were public events. Characterizing video bloggers in such a manner not only demeans the people who are doing the righteous work of speaking truth to power, but also trivializes the very real danger of the crime of stalking.


that nagging suspicion that your excuses just didn't land the way you wanted them to, Jim Amann, is why you have to keep discussing it again and again, hoping you'll get it right and somehow it will land differently.

This was not about getting caught in private. This was not about being caught saying something that you didn't intend to be overheard. Otherwise, being careful about papparazzi would apply.

This was not only an answer to a question (which you could have declined to answer, recognizing you're your own worst enemy), but it involved your run back up the steps to repeat your ill-advised answer to a comment while the cameras rolled. Did viewers of the video miss your request to make your threat off the record? No, I think not.

Anyone who watches the video can see that this guy wasn't messed with. He messed with himself.

All I can say about this "fellow Democrat" stuff is that I am very, very sorry that the Sharon Ferrucci challenge of his party status didn't end with Joe on the street. It only got worse from that moment on, as he realized he could say whatever he wanted with impunity and get away with it. The Dem party and its big tent got played.


How much newspaper and flourpaste does it take to make an Amann float?
2008: Dump Amann.