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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Help out the Democratic candidates

(Bumped to the top. Remember, tomorrow is the LAST DAY for Lamont's Family Friends and Neighbors program).

If you wanna help out Ned Lamont, there are tons of things you can do.

Here is an easy way to help out and you can do it all from your computer.

Go to the Lamont campaign's Family, Friends, and Neighbors program and send someone you know a campaign postcard.

While you're at it, invite people you know to use the tool also and help spread the word.

UPDATE 11/1: Greanpeas shares a great idea on how to target the postcards to specific issues.

As I prepare to send Family, Friends and Neighbors Postcards to another street in my neighborhood,

I input the name of the street and the town name -- that lets me pull up the voter info and discover that most of the people living on that street are seniors.

So, my first pass at sending postcards will be to check off all those folks. Then I go to the Lamont website's Truth About Joe, and look up senior issues.

Joe's missed votes and flipflopping on privatization of social security are all there.

I craft a paragraph that sums it up, and use the copy/paste function to get it copied.

Now I'm set to send my postcards. I paste my customized message, saying I'm their neighbor and want them to know this, into each senior postcard. Voila! Customized message for the people who live near me and might listen to what their neighbor thinks.

Each time a new postcard comes up, I highlight the pre-set message and hit paste again, and my message replaces it. Then I hit SEND and do it again.

If you're want to help out the old fashion way by phone banking and/or door knocking, click here and help volunteer.

Now, this election isn't all about Lamont as Chris Murphy, Diane Farrell, Joe Courtney, and John DeStefano can use a helping hand also. Don't be shy, volunteering is really a lot of fun and any time you can give would be great.

To help John DeStefano click here

To help Chris Murphy click here

To help Diane Farrell click here

To help Joe Courtney click here

Remember, you can make a difference.