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Thursday, October 12, 2006

True Republicans for Alan Schlesinger launch new website


Finally some true Republicans are standing up in support for Alan Schlesinger. I guess some Republicans aren't drinking the Lieberman Kool-Aid and decided to launch a new website which asks other Republicans "Whose Side Are You On?"

I don't think Joe Lieberman is going to be happy about this and their "about us" page gets right to the point.
Why did we start Whose Side Are You On?

We started whosesideareyouon.org as a direct response to the White House's abandonment of Connecticut Republican Alan Schlesinger. You can learn more about Alan on his own website.

It wasn't just that Republicans in Washington - led by Karl Rove - made a conscious effort to distance themselves from Alan, but that they did it in order to support Democrat Joe Lieberman, a childish career politician for whom his own primary's results weren't good enough. Lieberman is the guy who said that he wouldn't let his own party's primary results stand - that, in essence, the people's collective voice was a trivial annoyance to be swatted aside like so many bees.

Why aren't we getting involved in the U.S. House of Representatives races?

Mainly because all three of those candidates - Shays, Simmons and Johnson have plenty of money and national support. We made a conscious decision to talk about the one guy who has given his life to the party and was left twisting in the wind by Washington insiders who unflinchingly back a life-long Democrat who really only supports them on a few issues.

With such low poll numbers, why would we bother supporting Alan Schlesinger?

* Because it's the right thing to do.

* Because it sends a message to Connecticut and Washington that loyalty does matter.

* Because we like to sleep at night.

On November 8th, we'd rather wake up feeling we did the right thing. As opposed to, say, selling our souls to benefit a guy like Lieberman, who's cherry-picked a couple of Republican ideas and passed himself off as a moderate. Frankly, as much as we might dislike what he stands for, we'd rather see a guy like Lamont elected - simply because he doesn't try to pass himself off as something he's not. He's on the other side of the aisle, but, at least he's honest about it.
You gotta respect that type of attitude.