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Friday, July 28, 2006

No union love to go with "The Hug"

Oh man, team Joementum blows it again. This is getting comical.

Hey Marion, next time you get buttons made (and you run over to TrueBlue with a big fat smile on your mug), make sure you get the buttons made at a union shop. You might offend the AFL-CIO members who only endorsed Lieberman's campaign till August 8th (as opposed to everyone else they endorsed who have the support of the union till November).

I'll step aside and let ctkeith do his thing.
Heres a message for John Olsen,The AFL-CIO and every union member in CT:

Joe Lieberman, his staff and his campaign just gave you the Biggest F*#K you anyone who runs as a Democrat can. They think so little of you and the entire Labor Movement that having a union shop make their "Hug Buttons" wasn't important enough to even think about. Your endorsement was the only thing that mattered, not your workers, not your families and not the quality of work union workers guarentee.

PS-Every Dump Joe Bumper sticker and "Kiss Button" has a union Bug. WHY? Because it was that important to us that we made sure of it.

What's that you say, you can't believe that someone like Joe Lieberman would do something like that? Well, I have a special treat for you. Later, we'll show you the button and you can examine it for yourself (from every angle you can imagine).

Shame on you Joe. More proof that you only care about yourself.