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Monday, July 31, 2006

Lieberman snubs local press AGAIN

Poor Mark. After offering Joe Lieberman a softball regarding Lamont's holdings in Halliburton (without Joe's campaign commenting about his holdings in Halliburton), Joe turns his back on him and refuses to debate Lamont.

How much longer will the local media take this from Lieberman?

After agreeing to debating Ned Lamont on WTNH on August 6th, Joe Lieberman bails (although Mark Davis was scheduled to be the moderator) proving again that the Lieberman campaign has no respect for the local press fearing that he might have to answer a real question.

Joe hasn't turned down a offer to be on the national stage with Lamont on Meet the Press this Sunday. Guess he feels more comfortable with his national pals like Tim Russert than with the someone onthe local level like who might know what on the minds of voters in Connecticut like the local media.

At this point, I'm not surprised with any of that tactics of team Joementum. My only question is why is the local media allowing Lieberman and his campaign to get away with their refusal to answer any relevant question? How much longer will the local media allow Lieberman to define which questions he will answer as he continues his phony 10-day bus tour?

Come on Mark, all will be forgotten if you would just use the same intensity you used towards Lamont (health care press conference) and direct it towards Lieberman. Why won't you just force Joe to answer the relevant questions he been dogging throughout his entire campaign and not get fooled by his slick slight of hand?

Where's the follow-up question on Lieberman's holdings in Halliburton?

Where's the questions regarding the smear "whisper" campaign Joe's conducting in the inner cities (you need a copy of the race-baiting flyer)?

Where are the questions to Lieberman regarding the current situation in the Middle East (Joe stated that the war in Iraq would make the Middle East safer)?

Where are the follow-up questions regarding the Terri Schiavo case? How can you let Joe get away with saying that he wish politicians would just let Terri rest in peace when it was he who jump into the case with his shameless appearance on Meet the Press?

I could go on and on...

Come on Mark where's that fire in your belly that you gleefully displayed at the gubernatorial debate (and no Mark, your preformance didn't have a impact on the Q-Poll, sorry). You were punk'd in grand fashion by team Joementum for crying out loud! The very least you could do is show some spine and force Lieberman to answer the questions he's been avoiding like the plague till this very day? You owe your viewers that much after getting a dose of Joementum which made you look like a tool.

Look at Joe Mark, he's still laughing at you. How can you sleep at night knowing this?