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Monday, July 31, 2006

Lieberman race baiting hits a new low

Oh man, no he didn't. I'm whipping out the Drudge light on this one because now I'm pissed!

Joe Lieberman (the civil right supporter) is race baiting in the African-American neighborhoods.
Under the windshield wipers of all the cars in my church's parking lot in Stamford on Sunday morning were two pieces of literature from Joe Lieberman - one, a standard color lit piece that had already been sent to my house from the Stamford DTC, and a photocopied flyer attacking Ned Lamont's "Civil Rights" record.


The bottom of the flyer said that it was authorized and paid for by Friends of Joe Lieberman and printed "in-house with volunteer labor".

The front of the flyer had a picture of Lieberman with Clinton and mentioned Lieberman's civil rights accomplishments of 40 years ago - marching with MLK and working on voting rights in Mississippi.

The back was about Ned Lamont canceling his membership in the expensive Round Hill Country Club in Greenwich, including a quote from the New York times in which Ned acknowledged that most of the members of the club were white. There was nothing about "Civil Rights", just the information on Ned's country club membership.

The contrast between front and back is obviously an attempt to imply that Ned Lamont is a rich racist.

As far as I can see, there is nothing inaccurate or illegal about what the flyer explicitly said. The implication, however, that Ned is a racist is utterly immoral. The Lieberman campaign knows very well that Ned has an extraordinarily strong record when it comes to working with minority students. As a public school teacher, I don't know anyone, much less a wealthy business owner, who volunteers one day a week in public schools. If he was a racist, he certainly wouldn't be interested in helping kids from Harding High in Bridgeport learn how to start their own businesses.

I have made a commitment to support Joe Lieberman if he wins this primary even though he has not made a similar commitment to respect the choice of Connecticut Democrats should he lose. I find this flyer to be a new low in Joe Lieberman's desperate attempt to retain power. A tactic like this makes it a lot more difficult to imagine voting for Joe Lieberman under any circumstances ever again.

Trust me, this is the mild stuff I've heard about team Joementum and what they're doing in the African-American community in the last few days.

The Lieberman camp steps to a new low and this time they've went to far. Instead of talking baout the issues, Lieberman has been involved in a smear campaign since the beginning while avoiding answering questions about his own record.

Why is he allowed to get away with this?

Can someone in the media please ask the Lieberman campaign what they're trying in imply with this flyer? This type of race baiting is over the line for someone who claims to be a gentleman like Joe Lieberman. To try to imply that someone who gives his time to teach at Harding High School in Bridgeport as a racist, is simply disgusting.

Ask these kids if they think Ned Lamont is in any way a racist.

From race baiting flyers, to speading crap about Ned in African Methodist Episcopal (AME) churches, Joe Lieberman has proven that he'll do ANYTHING to keep his senate seat, including using tactics we would expect from Karl Rove (i.e. John McCain 2000).

If you think I'm kidding about Lieberman spreading crap in AME churches, I'll let this video speak for itself.

Since I am a African-American who was raised in the North-End section of Hartford, I find this type of behavior offensive and I now feel compelled to give my account of living in Hartford and what Joe Lieberman has done for the minorities over the years. Trust me, for Joe to say he has a great civil rights record is a damn joke and his smearing of Ned in the neighborhood where I was raised is the final straw.

I can honestly say that I'll never respect Joe Lieberman ever again.

BTW: Can someone tell me if placing political flyers on vehicles is even legal?

UPDATE: I know someone who has the flyer and I'll post it later. Also, if anyone has heard any similar rumors about Ned Lamont in the Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, or Bridgeport area, please email me or IM me ASAP. I would love to talk to you.