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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Lieberman campaign "mulling" over running on the GOP ticket

Wow, just when you think Joe can't shock you with anything else, he proves me wrong yet again.

This is so explosive that I think it's time to pull out the damn Drudge light again...
Yesterday we brought you word that some Republicans in Connecticut think it would be a good idea to offer their line to Joe Lieberman if he loses the Dem primary to Ned Lamont and if current GOP candidate Alan Schlesinger can be given the push.

This is of course a pretty far-fetched scenario. But then again, everything about this race has been far-fetched.

So today Election Central has just posed a simple question to the Lieberman campaign:

Will Lieberman or will he not rule out running on the GOP line if he loses to Lamont in August and it's offered to him?

This is fairly straightforward: Yes, or no? Which is it?

The question has been posed to Lieberman campaign deputy press secretary Noah Kores, and the campaign is mulling it.
WTF!?! Joe's thinking about running as a Republican? Okay, at this point, how can any true Democrat in Connecticut vote for this guy in the primary? In fact, this proves that Joe has completely given up on winning the primary and looking towards November.

Lieberman's campaign should of answered the question of whether or not he'll run on the Republican ticket with a flat out "no" but team Joememtum showed their true colors by not ruling out that option.

Again, at this point, faced with the fact that Joe's "mulling" over the GOP idea, how can ANY true Democrat vote for this guy in the primary?

Now the whole "push Alan Schlesinger out the race" scenario makes more sense. I commented before about my theory about the Republican party and the Lieberman campaign and I'll say it again. Two things could happen:

1. The Republicans will get Schlesinger to withdrawal and they'll endorse Lieberman.

2. The Republicans will get Schlesinger to withdrawal, they'll endorse no one for senate which would leave Republicans voters to choose between Lieberman and Lamont in November.

Lieberman will do anything to get re-elected even consider running as an Republican.

What does that say about Lieberman the Democrat?

What does they say about Lieberman working for the good of the Democratic Party?

What does that say about Lieberman stating that if he wins as an independent, he will be on the side of the Democrats?

Again, how can ANY Democrat in Connecticut vote for Lieberman in the primary let alone support this guy? He's thinking about running as a Republican for goodness sakes! Doesn't that tell you something about his character?

Who do you want representing you in Connecticut? A person who only thinks about himself or someone who will work for the good of the Democratic Party? For me, the answer is simple so please give to Ned's campaign.