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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Typical night for team Joememtum

Oh boy, you almost feel sorry for those Lieberman volunteers. I mean, Joe's sending out these volunteers to get slaughtered by the Lamont challenge and it's getting tough to watch. BrandfordBoy gives the scoop on the latest stumble by team Joementum (and it's not pretty):

I attended a campaign kick-off event for my great State Senator, Ed Meyer, yesterday. My Lamont button drew a lot of interest and several people asked for buttons of their own.


Ed Meyer graciously invited a dumpy young man, who was apparently serving as a Lieberman surrogate, and Ned to say a few words. The Lieberman guy was stumbling, so politicially tone deaf State Rep Pat Widlitz tried to help (I guess) by pointing out that the picturesque lighthouse that can be seen from Ed's house was brought to Long Island Sound by Joe Lieberman.

When Ned spoke (briefly and well) he pointed out that thanks to Joe's whoring for the energy lobby (my words, not his), we may soon be thanking Joe for a floating eyesore in Long Island Sound, an ugly and unnecessary natural gas facility from Broadwater, which will be a prime terrorist target.

After that, I had to jog to the car to replenish my supply of Lamont buttons and Ned Lamont buttons started popping up on chests throughout the party.

To coin a phrase, "This is what a movement looks like."

NOTE: The DINO boat is sinking fast. You poor volenteers should jump off while you still have time. Trust me, I'll telling this for your own good.