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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Genghis says "why the double standard"

Genghis over at Connecticut Local Politics raises an interesting point regarding Bridgeport Mayor John "8-ball" Fabrizi and his admission that he used cocaine (which he only acknowledged after someone allegedly videotaped him doing lines).

Here's the deal. You have yet another politician from Bridgeport admitting to wrongdoing yet refuses to resign and probably won't get charged with anything.

Is this fair?

Look at it this way, I'm a 6'3" African-American who's about to be a father and if I admitted to doing drug use, you know I'd be in some serious trouble. I'd probably have my kid taken away form me (and he/she isn't born yet). With that being the case, why is Mayor Fabrizi getting off the hook so easily?

Hasn't the people of Bridgeport been through enough scandals already? Shouldn't "Mr. 8-ball" do the honorable thing and step down as Mayor?

FYI: Fabrizi seconded Lieberman's nomination at the State Convention.