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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tim Tagaris joins Lamont campaign

Whoa! Time to whip out the Drudge siren...this is major news!

This is a major catch for the Lamont campaign and Matt Stoller from MyDD explains why things are going to get a lot more interesting in Connecticut.
Tim Tagaris, netroots wizard and ex-Marine, is joining the Lamont campaign. Tim is a brilliant organizer, a dedicated progressive and a fantastic blogger and visionary. To give you a little history, Tim's a netroots pioneer. He managed the first netroots candidate, Jeff Seeman, to a surprisingly good showing. In Pennsylvania, he caught young Republicans outside of a Santorum event on video chanting 'Hey hey, ho ho, Social Security's got to go', a major blow to the privatization scam. Then in Ohio he built GrowOhio.org for Sherrod Brown before providing the crucial link between the Ohio blogs and the national blogosphere that led to Hackett's fantastic rise during the Ohio 2nd race against Jean Schmidt. And since then, he has been instrumental at the DNC as their blogger.


The key to a great campaign isn't poll numbers or a willingness to try new things, it's the ability to attract great people through shared values. Tim is someone that people want to be around. He's a natural leader, a natural organizer. And he's going to Connecticut to put his values on the line, to topple a giant of corrupted insider politics. I'm very excited about this. Everything I've seen from the Lamont campaign is dead-on; Lamont keeps making the right moves. With this one, Connecticut just got a whole lot more interesting.
As a blogger, I'm very excited that Tagaris is on the Lamont team. Why do I have the feeling that Joe isn't going to like this guy?