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Monday, May 15, 2006

Lieberman can't fool CTBlue

Oh Joe, what were you thinking...
“There are some who say, 'Well, I'm just puzzled by your position on Iraq. And I want you to explain it. Why have you done this?,'” Lieberman said. “Well, we have very good conversations. And I hear them. I listen with appreciation to both their kind words and their critical words, and I find that most of the cases, even when there are questions, people will say — and I really appreciate this, this is what our political system is supposed to be about — 'OK, I disagree with you about Iraq, but I agree with you on most everything else and I feel it would be foolish to not have you as our senator because we need you in the years ahead.' So, that's why I'm encouraged.”

He would be well advised not to try that line on John Wirzbicki.

Wirzbicki is an attorney from Groton, Lamont-committed delegate, and author of the liberal Web log CT Blue, which maintains an entire section of news and commentary under the heading “Joe Must Go.”

“I think that Lieberman essentially doesn't understand the people who are backing Lamont, in that he thinks the only problem that we have is his position on Iraq,” Wirzbicki said. “I think the overriding problem with Lieberman is that he has taken great pains to undermine the Democratic Party's ability to advance a message. He is almost always the first to undercut the Democrats by trying to support Republicans.”

The issue, to Wirzbicki and others, is one of Lieberman's perceived attempts to pragmatically align with Bush and the Republicans on some issues.

That includes issues on which Lieberman now appeals to Democratic voters for support, like the party's opposition to the Republicans' proposal to partially privatize Social Security.
You see Joe, you're not fooling everyone.