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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lieberman attempts to throw a low blow

So much for a clean campaign. Joe Lieberman's silly attempt to make money an issue in this campaign is just another in the long list of pinheaded moves his campaign has made to this point.

I almost feel sorry for the guy...so sad.
Lieberman said Lamont is rich enough to try to buy his way into the Senate.

"Having between $90 million and $300 million, Ned Lamont can not only try to buy a seat from Connecticut in the U.S. Senate, he can probably buy a seat in a couple of other states if he wanted," Lieberman said.
Whaa, whaa! Ned's a millionaire! Whaa, whaa!

Good grief, special interest Lieberman has to be kidding right? I mean really, is there a special interest group that Joe hasn't taken a check from in D.C.? Thankfully, Lamont's campaign called Joe out on his hypocrisy (too easy).
Tom Swan, Lamont's campaign manager, said his candidate is not taking special-interest money, unlike Lieberman.

"The additional $500,000 is still way less money than what Joe Lieberman has raised from Washington, D.C., special interests," Swan said. "It's not in Joe Lieberman's interest to make an issue of sources of campaign contributions."

Swan said he does not believe Lieberman's gibes about wealth will resonate.

"I think it makes an incumbent senator look weak," Swan said.
I couldn't agree more. If this is the best Lieberman can throw at Lamont, I can understand why his staff looks like this (poor kid).