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Monday, May 22, 2006

Drudge in legal trouble?

Oh boy, I guess he learned nothing from pissing off Sidney Blumenthal.

Seems like the king of making crap up is at it again with his "exclusive" hit piece on the Howard Dean, the DNC, and the New Orleans eleciton. It seems like the DNC is pretty upset and are looking at their legal options.

Will he ever learn?
The Democratic National Committee consulted its attorneys Monday after a story posted by online heavyweight Matt Drudge claimed that DNC chairman Howard Dean intervened in New Orleans' recent mayoral race, RAW STORY can reveal.

In an exclusive Sunday evening, The Drudge Report claimed that Dean threw his support behind mayoral candidate and sitting Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu (D-LA) over sitting mayor Ray Nagin. DNC Communications director Karen Finney said the report was "absolutely false."

Finney told RAW STORY Monday she had just gotten off the phone with Joe Sandler of Sandler, Reiff & Young, the committee's attorney, and says the DNC is exploring legal options. A second DNC staffer confirmed the account.

"I have called our lawyer to see what if any legal actions we may have," Finney remarked. "The DNC does not as a policy get involved in Democratic primaries."

Finney seemed stunned by the Drudge claim. The Committee's involvement in the New Orleans race, she said, was limited to get out the vote efforts and placing poll watchers to ensure residents got an opportunity to vote. The DNC also set up a toll-free 800 number to help displaced residents locate their polling area.

"We did have poll watchers out to make sure people weren’t disenfranchised but it wasn’t on behalf of any candidate," she remarked. "It’s completely outrageous."

Will Drudge get sued? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.