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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Katie Couric is an idiot

Why am I not surprised. CBS, please don't give this moron a position on 60 minutes. She is by far one of the most clueless news broadcasters out there today.

ALmost 24 hours after Tony Snow makes a off hand racist remark (which was both notes in the New York Times and Washington Post) and Couric completely avoids questioning Snow about the comment while interviewing him today.
In interviewing new White House press secretary Tony Snow on the May 17 broadcast of NBC's Today, co-host Katie Couric allowed Snow's misleading claims -- as well as his use of a racially charged term in his first live televised White House press briefing -- to go unchallenged.

Although the May 17 New York Times and Washington Post both had reported Snow's use of the term "tar baby" during the press briefing, Couric did not question Snow about this remark. As the Post's Dana Milbank noted, "[o]f the National Security Agency's telephone espionage program, he [Snow] risked some loaded language: 'I don't want to hug the tar baby.' " The Times reported: "The tar-covered doll that Br'er Fox used to ensnare Br'er Rabbit in an 1881 Uncle Remus story is used as a metaphor for a sticky situation, but for some it also carries vague racist connotations -- it has been used as a derogatory term for a black."
Check out Media Matters and watch the video clip.