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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Where's Joe?

This week, the President's hypocrisy was exposed yet again as we find out that the President authorized leaks of intelligence reports to the press to discredit war critics.

What does Joe Lieberman have to say about this? Your guess is as good as mine.
Analysts and operatives in both parties said Friday they were puzzled that Lieberman, whose perceived coziness with the Republican president is fueling a primary challenge by Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont, found nothing to say about Bush for 28 hours.

"Say anything. Even something mildly critical would have no doubt helped in his primary," said Larry Sabato, a University of Virginia political scientist.


Where was Lieberman?

"He was conscious and not flying around the world?" asked Jennifer Duffy, who tracks Senate races for The Cook Political Report. "Well, then it was a missed opportunity for him."
Quite simple. Joe dropped the ball and in doing so, made it easier for his critics to paint him as loyal friend of the president.

Let's add up the last week for Lieberman...

1. Lieberman will not publicly say whether or not he'll run as an independent if he loses the primary to Ned Lamont

2. Has yet to attend a public meeting where he can be questioned by the public (private events where you invite DTC members and delegates don't count).

3. More than 24 hours since the latest Bush bombshell and Lieberman refuses to publicly comment on the President's hypocrisy (from a senator who has no problem calling a press conference or offering his opinion on-camera).

Let's not forget previous uneventful moments for Joe such as his lass than stellar performance at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner or his staff member getting schooled by a 17-year old.

Explain to us why you should be re-elected?

One Democratic supporter, who did not want to be quoted by name criticizing Lieberman, described himself Friday as flabbergasted by the senator's inability to capitalize on the Bush leak story.

"Why they are not ready to jump on this now, I don't know," the Lieberman ally said.

George Jepsen, a former Democratic state chairman, refused to criticize the campaign, but he conceded that the news was an opportunity to score political points.

"This is certainly an extraordinary opportunity to give a clean, hard shot at the president and Dick Cheney," Jepsen said. "It's one more perfect example of massive deception by this administration."

Richard Foley, a political consultant and former Republican state chairman, said GOP operatives wondered among themselves how Lieberman failed to quickly reach the same conclusion.

"Joe had an opening that he didn't take for whatever reason, good or bad. He made the call. There is no doubt in my mind," Foley said. "It had to be an item for discussion internally."