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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dimwit, dolt conservative is at it again

Boy, this wingnut just doesn't get the message. I guess he's going around for another jump at the shark.

I know I promised I wouldn't go after this moron again but I he drew first blood attacking Lamont supporters and I can't let that stand.

Read this killer post from our favorite wingnut:
This is quite amusing. On a TV show, Colin McEnroe very obviously feigned being asleep as the newscaster covered a story on Sen. Lieberman, in order to show his lack of support for the senator. Only, for some Democrats who are eager to seize onto absolutely anything that could discredit Sen. Lieberman, it wasn't quite so obvious. Since then, the story has been taken up by a number of liberal blogs, including the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post, all of which report, explicitly or implicitly, that McEnroe actually did fall asleep. McEnroe has now had to come out and tell the Democrats via his blog, that, very simply, it was a joke.
Let's go back and take a look back at my post.
Title: My GOD! Joe Lieberman puts Colin McEnroe to sleep on air!

Well, not exactly but it was pretty close.

Joe Lieberman's best friend Colin McEnroe and AP Capitol Reporter, Susan Haighs, were on WTIC's Beyond the Headlines on Sunday and they explained why everyone should take Ned Lamont's campaign very seriously. They also go into why Joe's running scared and threatening to run as an independent (here's a hint: it's because there's a VERY good sign that Lamont will beat him in the primary).

BTW: Colin's snoozing is an instant classic...

Now, most who saw McEnroe on the air or saw the videoclip knew Colin was joking around and was goofing on Lieberman's interview while others thought he was nursing a hangover (which in retrospect, is also quite amusing). Although Colin clarified what actually happened on his blog, I really don't think even he really believes that everyone thought he fell asleep on-air as Sean claims (BTW: Please check out Colin's column from Sunday's Courant as the posting of his performance on TV overshadowed his incredible piece which was published on the same day).

Check out the responses to my post. Does it seem that anyone really took McEnroe's stunt seriously? The answer is no. Now, let's go one step further and check out the comment link Colin refers to in his post. A vast majority of people got the joke but this doesn't register in Sean's brain.

If you look at what I wrote, I explained that the point of the segment was how people in Connecticut are taking Lamont campaign seriously and how Lieberman has a tough primary battle on his hands. What Colin did in that brief moment was just one of those funny television moments and nothing more.

Take another look at the video and judge for yourself.

If you take a look at all of the responses from the numerous blogs that linked to my post, you can see that a vast majority of people knew McEnroe was kidding around. Obviously Sean could care less about this as his only mission in life is to mock liberals in his usual juvenile fashion.

The beauty of Sean's post is that it has yet another one of his trademark errors which we've all come to love. If you try and click on his link which should direct you to McEnroe's article, you’ll be directed to Blogger’s 404 error page (too funny).

Remember what I told you in a previous post Sean. Making silly mistakes like making a typo in a post while criticizing another blogger’s grammar (which you tried to cover it up until I busted you) or, in the case of your latest error, screwing up a link to Colin's response while attempting to make you silly point simply make you look like a fucking idiot.

Just in case our favorite wingnut attempts to fix his screwup and turn around and claim that his post was error-free (and also because I have better things to do than make fun of a silly blog which no one really reads), here's his HTML code to his post and a copy of his cached page (as of 4:40 P.M.).

Sorry for breaking my promise...now back to reality.