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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lieberman sinks to a new low

Just in case you need more evidence that Joe Lieberman is a disgrace to the Democratic Party, this audio clip of his appearence on Sean Hannity's show should do it. Seems like traitor Joe was showed his true colors on the show with his relentless criticism of the Democratic Party and kissing up to Hannity.

Someone please tell me why some Democrats defend this guy? Lieberman is nothing more than a self-righteous idiot whoes disrespect of his own party (to the approval of Hannity) is simply disgusting and disloyal.

Lieberman is quoted as saying that he thinks it's time for a third party and now only do I agree with him, I think he shold show leadership and switch parties now so we won't have to waste time, money, and energy booting him out in the primary. Hell, with so many conservatives raising money for his campaign, he should do just fine as a Republican.
Two prominent Republican lobbyists, Craig Fuller and H.P. Goldfield, hosted a fund-raising dinner Thursday evening at Goldfield's Washington home for Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman, seeking re-election in Connecticut this year.

Fuller was President Ronald Reagan's Cabinet secretary and later Vice President George H.W. Bush's chief of staff. Goldfield, a Reagan White House aide and later assistant secretary of Commerce, was a fund-raiser in the two Bush-Quayle campaigns.

While Lieberman is a major voice for lobbyist reform, three of his dinner's five hosts were registered lobbyists. Fuller represents the National Association of Chain Drug Stores. Goldfield lobbies for Airbus and for energy companies (ConcocoPhillips, Dynegy International and Gulfsands Petroleum). Co-host C. Michael Gilliland, a partner in the Hogan & Hartson law firm, represents a variety of clients.

Don't be fooled, Joe Lieberman is NOT A DEMOCRAT and never was one to begin with. When Ned Lamont upsets you in the primary, you and your fellow DLC buddies can go and start you own independent party. Please Joe, just leave and best of luck to you!

Check out the audio here (hat tip to calling all wingnuts). Read the transcript here (hat tip to My Left Nutmeg)