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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gun-ho Joe still kissing up to Dubya

Yet another reason I can't stand Joe Lieberman. You know he'll be the last Democrat to stand behind President Bush and support this stupid war.

From The Hartford Courant
Joe Lieberman's view of the United States' mission in Iraq has not wavered for nearly 15 years: He sees the American involvement as part of this country's historic, moral obligation to spread freedom and democracy.

Today, as he did during and after the 1991 Gulf War, the Connecticut Democrat is urging the United States to stay the course. Lieberman, who is visiting Iraq this week, is wholly behind the White House goals - and three days ago won praise from Bush for his views.

Lieberman's chief concern today is that American partisanship is muddling and even obscuring that message.

"Terrorists can't defeat us on the ground," the Connecticut Democrat said. "They can win by affecting public opinion here."

Lieberman's 1991 reasons for wanting forceful action in Iraq still echo through his speeches today.

"If we do not act," the senator said in April 1991, "if we neglect our duty to humanity, we would, as Dwight Eisenhower once said in speaking about a failure to confront evil in the world, `outrage our own conscience. In the eyes of those who suffer injustice, we would become partners with their oppressors.'"

Lieberman's stance has become an increasingly lonely one in his own party. Fellow Democrats took aim at him throughout his 2004 presidential campaign. Then and now, his allies have usually been Republicans.

"Fine Democrats like Sen. Joe Lieberman share the view that we must prevail in Iraq," the president said Sunday, and on the Senate floor last week, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner, R-Va., had similar praise.

Such talk annoys war critics. A website, DumpJoe.com, regularly posts what it considers to be Lieberman outrages. Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, called Lieberman "one of the worst Democrats in the Senate when it comes to foreign policy. He has an ideological view that prevents him from processing new information."

This is the type of crap which makes me sick. Lieberman is a shameless conservative and hardly a Democrat and he is a senator because he attracts moderates and Republicans. He is a critic of Democrats and Sean Hannity's best friend. Until someone has the guts to challenge him in a primary, we're stuck with him.