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Monday, November 21, 2005

Cheney's neocon flavored Kool-aid speech

You think the White House would find someone with a higher approval rating than the President to give this silly pep rally speech today.

Crooks and liars has the video and it's nothing but the same old lies including the now patheitc linking of Osama Bin Laden and Iraq.

The Bush administration in in panic mode and it's painfully obvious that tide in this war has changed. The American public are watching the soliders being injured and killed and are seriously questioning this needless war. They simply not buying the White House spin any longer and this speech (from a guy who has a 19 percent approval rating) is not going to change anybody's mind about how this administration screwed up this war from the very beginning.

People are seeing for themselves that Bush and Co. lied about every aspect of this war.

Let's recap:

There were NO WMDs in Iraq which was the main rational for us going to war in the first place.
We were not seen by Iraqis as liberators (less than 15 percent of the insurgents are not from Iraq...doesn't that tell you something).
Iraqi oil did not pay for the war.
There was no connection between 9-11 and Iraq.
We didn't send enough troops; we did not supply the troops with the best equipment.
They lied about their association with outing a CIA agent.