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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Case closed

Another chapter in the Rowland corruption saga comes to an end (thankfully).

From The Hartford Courant
After months of defiantly asserting their innocence, the central figures in a sweeping probe of state contracting corruption pleaded guilty Tuesday to bribery and tax fraud charges.

Onetime gubernatorial aide Peter N. Ellef and former construction executive William A. Tomasso now are likely to enter federal prison early next year, just as Ellef's ex-boss, John G. Rowland, is wrapping up his own year-and-a-day sentence.

Ellef faces up to 46 months and Tomasso 37 months.
Both also face the prospect of thousands of dollars in criminal fines and income tax, interest and penalties. They are scheduled to be sentenced in January.

Tuesday's guilty pleas close most aspects of an investigation that revealed a state contracting system in which contractors plied officials with gratuities - money, trips, champagne, cigars, even gold coins - in exchange for state business.
Lock 'em up!