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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Goebel resigns as head of NLDC

This was probably for the best for all parties involved.

From The New London Day
David M. Goebel resigned Tuesday as chief operating officer of the New London Development Corp., bowing to pressure from city and state officials who said his departure was necessary for the completion of the Fort Trumbull project.

In a letter submitted during a special meeting of the NLDC Board of Directors, Goebel thanked the board for “standing by me during the past few weeks of unrest regarding my position with the Corporation.”

“However, at this juncture, I consider it best for my family and myself if I back away from my commitment and no longer serve as the Chief Operating Officer,” Goebel wrote. “So, after more than fifty years in the work force of these United States I am going to retire.”


NLDC President Michael Joplin said after the meeting that the decision to step down had been Goebel's alone.

But when city councilors agreed to reverse a vote to sever ties with the NLDC last week, they made little secret of what the state had promised to secure in return: the departure of Goebel, whose blunt, all-business persona had drawn bad publicity, and who city councilors said had tended to act unilaterally, without informing the council of his intent.

“The state and NLDC, in this current arrangement of Dave resigning, have all lived up to what they said would happen,” Mayor Jane L. Glover said Tuesday. “I'm not gleeful that it had this conclusion. But yes, I knew the date, and the board of directors have followed through with what they told the city that they would do.”