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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blumenthal to announce political future before Nov 19

I guess the wait is almost over as Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says he'll announce his political intentions before November 19th.

From the Connecticut Post
Few people in Connecticut politics are more enigmatic than Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who in the last decade has twice disappointed Democrats when he balked at running for governor.

But Blumenthal took a step toward resolving this year's big political question on Monday, when he set a timetable, of sorts, for announcing his plans for public office.

Will he finally make a bid to unseat Republicans from the governor's office, where they've been ensconced since John G. Rowland won the 1994 election? Or will Blumenthal seek a fifth four-year term as attorney general?

There's still no definitive answer, but on Monday the 59-year-old attorney general told reporters he'll announce his intentions by the date of the annual Harvard-Yale football game, Nov. 19 in New Haven.

Blumenthal let the deadline slip out during an unrelated news conference Monday, when reporters' questions inevitably turned to the 2006 gubernatorial-election season.

Asked when he would release his political goals, Blumenthal first said "soon." As reporters split more hairs, Blumenthal said the announcement would come "probably within weeks."

"Before the Harvard-Yale game?" a reporter followed up, referring indirectly to Blumenthal's undergraduate (Harvard) and law school (Yale) affiliations.

"When is the Harvard-Yale game?" Blumenthal rejoined, smiling when told of the date. "I would say before the Harvard-Yale game. And it's at Yale this year, right?" Blumenthal said he expects Gov. M. Jodi Rell to seek her own term for the job she inherited from Rowland, who resigned under pressure last year under the weight of a federal investigation that landed him a 366-day prison term.