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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Connecticut Immigration Control group again shows why they're the laughing stock of the state

Does anyone take the Connecticut Citizens for Immiragrion Control seriuosly? These people are the laughing stock of the state and their combined IQ is equal to the number on the side of a pencil.

Their latest attempt to expose the immigration problem in Connecticut is laughable at best and it's a shame that they even get any press.

From the New York Newsday
A group that wants stronger immigration controls is causing controversy with a study that claims McDonald's disproportionately hires Hispanic workers in Connecticut.

State officials have declined to launch an investigation despite demands from Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control.

And Fernando Betancourt, state commissioner for Latino and Puerto Rican affairs, said he finds it offensive that anyone would go to such lengths to monitor hiring.

"This sounds to me more like systematic persecution," he said.

Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control held its first meeting in Danbury as tension over immigration mounted there earlier this year.

It has since held meetings around the state.

Members observed workers at 152 McDonald's around the state from April through November.

They found that people they identified as Hispanic accounted for 87 percent of employees in Fairfield County and 64 percent of employees in New Haven County.

Peter Goselin, an immigration activist and member of the state chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, challenged the study, saying that participants could not determine workers' ethnicity or immigration status by merely observing them.

Paul Streitz, co-founder of Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control, said he believes the findings are evidence that Hispanic immigrants _ legal and illegal _ are displacing other McDonald's workers.

This has to be the dumbest thing I've ever heard or seen. By observing workers at McDonolds, Streitz's group has determined that there are some illegal immigrants working at the fast food chain. How can you know the difference between a Hispanic and a Latino?

Newsflash you silly racist morons, maybe there are so many hispanics and latinos working at McDonald's because no one else wants to work there and the pay rate is cheap. Also, I'm sure you didn't care to go to any McDonald's resturants in lets say, Westport, Darien, Ridgefield, etc. (you can see where I'm going with this).

Again, I plead to all newspapers to PLEASE STOP giving these idiots any press as they are nothing but a bunch of idiots who do nothing not spew hate in order to get attention. These idiots are the laughing stock of Danbury and do nothing but stunts lke this to get attention. Treat them like the plaugue and just walk away from them as they're simply a waste of time.

A press conference Streitz held at the West Hartford Public Library on Wednesday drew Goselin, three reporters, and a man who hurled a cream pie at Streitz and then ran away.
What a waste of a pie and I haven't had lunch...