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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Minutes from Michael Brown nomination

Read it and weep.

Remember, this clown was only questioned by Lieberman and Co. for 20 minutes and the entire nomination hearing lasted a total 42 minutes.
Chairman Lieberman: Mr. Brown, I thank you very much. I will certainly support your nomination. I will do my best to
move it through the Committee as soon as possible so we can have you fully and legally at work in your new position. In the meantime, I thank you very much. I thank your family for their support of you, and at this point, we will adjourn the hearing.
Lieberman, you have alot of explaining to do.

NOTE TO ANYONE CHALLENGING LIEBERMAN FOR THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION: Check and see if the hearings were videotaped (C-Span) and you'll have one hell of a neagtive political commercial.