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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Demand that Lieberman answer question about supporting Michael Brown's nomination

It's up to us bloggers to demand that Senator Lieberman explain how hw supported the nomination of FEMA cheif Michael Brown. Daily Kos's nyceve gives a chiling account of his attempt to get a statement out of Lieberman's office.

From Daily Kos

Desperate times require desperate action.

Calling some of these political hacks is like entering a parallel universe.

Demanding accountability is near impossible.

This brings me to my phone call to Mr. Lieberman's Washington office this morning.

I asked the man who answered the phone, when Mr. Lieberman will issue a statement regarding his participation in the 2002 Michael Brown hearing.

I was advised by Greg Zagorski as follows,"(Mr. Lieberman) has no intention of releasing a statement on that." I asked him three times and he repeated this.

I suppose he recognized I meant business when I said if Mr. Lieberman (the ranking member) and Ms. Collins (the chairperson), don't intend to explain to the American people the role of the Homeland Security Committee in the Michael Brown fiasco, then the bloggers will do it for them.

I was tranferred to Alysha Liljeqvist from the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

Let me tell you something, these hacks and that is what they are, are not used to hearing from the American people and they don't enjoy it either.

Ms. Liljeqvist referred me to the web site of the committee, HSGAC. senate.gov and told me I could follow the hearings on their web site. I responded to this jaw dropping comment by explaining that to have Collins and Lieberman investigating this catastrophe is the equivalent of me investigating myself after robbing a bank.

If we hold everyone accountable, even our own, DINO's like Lieberman, then we also inoculate ourselves against the charge of partisanship. But I'll tell you something for me personally, it's blind and total outrage. There are victims and there are the victimizers and I intend to hold ALL the victimizers accountable. Period.

We have a lot of work to do around here. We need to get some decent people in government. So many of the ones we have stink. So many are unfit and unqualified. Now we see the stark results.

Nobody gets a pass on this. N-O-B-O-D-Y!

Call these f*cking people and tell them we mean business. Do it now. Do it today.



I couldn't agree more. Liebrerman needs to be held accountable for his actions. It's disgraceful that someone as incompetent as Michael Brown is the head of FEMA and is's equally as disgraceful that Lieberman suported his nomination.