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Thursday, September 15, 2005

John Roberts admits he's not "up to speed" on first admendment

Should we be concerned or rather, should we be surprised?

From Editor and Publisher

In a third day of questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee, John Roberts admitted that he was not "up to speed" on First Amendment precedents.

In an exchange on First Amendments issues with Senator Patrick Leahy, a leading Democrat, Roberts revealed, "Senator, I haven't dealt with a lot of First Amendment access cases." The only one he could cite had to do with media access to prisons. He also said he was "not terribly familiar with the precise legal standards or how they have developed" recently.

He did add, however, that "I do start with a general principle in this area. And I think it was Justice Brandeis who talked about, you know, sunlight being the best disinfectant."
On second thought, I'm concerned. No but seriously, I think hRoberts is the best the democrats can expect to be the head of the Court and we should be more concerned over who Bush nominates to take the seat of Justice O'Connor. If he picks a right-winged radical conservative like Bork, all hell will break loose and you can toss that little right to choose law right out the window.