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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Are the state Democrats conceding the governor's race already?

That's what Fred Lucas would have you believe. The News-Times reporter wrote a piece in today's paper that leaves the impression that the Democrats only hope in winning the election next year is if Richard Blumenthal enters the race. Part of his reasoning is because neither Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy or New Haven Mayor John DeStefano have the name recognition needed to beat the popular Gov Jodi Rell.

From the News-Times

Last week, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz's departure from the race left the Democratic field with two mayors who are relatively unknown statewide. With Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell seemingly cemented at an 80 percent approval rating, prospects for a Democratic win could be dim.


"The people with the most political notoriety and visibility have withdrawn from the race," said Gary Rose, political science professor at Sacred Heart University. "I don't want to use the term sacrificial lamb, but I do think the Democrats are starting to concede."

The two Democratic candidates in the race now are New Haven Mayor John DeStefano and Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy, who both lack the statewide name recognition of Blumenthal or Bysiewicz.

The party's gubernatorial prospects are "grim," said Rep. Robert Godfrey, D-Danbury. He said Blumenthal is the only candidate who could beat Rell.

"Those of us who have been in this business for a while are befuddled by the current circumstances," Godfrey said. "We have not won a governor's race in 20 years, and there is a general lack of enthusiasm to run for governor against Rell."

With the election more than a year away, it's too early to give up on the Democratic party. Susan Bysiewicz's name recognition didn't help her in terms of raising money or getting any type of press coverage unlike John DeStefano with his campaign DVD and it was wise for her to get out of the race.

November 2006 is a lifetime in the political world so I wouldn't give up on the Democrats chances on winning the election just yet.