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Friday, September 16, 2005

Ernerst Newton unhinged

That's right. Blame everyone else for your problems except for yourself.

This guy is just too much.

From the Hartford Courant
In a rambling speech in which he quoted the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and compared himself to Moses, a defiant state Sen. Ernest E. Newton announced his resignation Thursday, blaming the media and racial injustice for driving him from office.

Standing in the pouring rain outside city hall in his hometown, Newton ended his 17-year career as a state legislator with scant mention of the ongoing FBI investigation into allegations that he took bribes to steer money to a Bridgeport nonprofit agency.

"I have been the Moses of my people and all I've ever asked for is to let justice be served," said Newton, who was surrounded by ministers, friends, and family members. "But I realize today that as hard as I fought for justice for people, I couldn't even get justice - that the media have already convicted me, accused me and been the executioner."
Ah, excuse me sir but don't blame the media for your stpidity. Your the one who accepted the bribes and got caught on a FBI wiretap...
In a speech filled with references to God, Newton portrayed himself as a victim of injustice and racism. Saying his name will live on, Newton pointed to his accomplishments in defending the poor in his Democratic-dominated district and hinted that he may return to office triumphantly some day.

"You may assassinate the name, but a man's works will live on - and my works will live on because my community - they love me," Newton said. "And whether I return in five years, 10 years, my people will be there for me. ... If I was to run for office tomorrow, it would be a landslide."

Waa, waa, blah, blah...

You're not fooling anyone Newton! You resigned because you were caught red-handed and it's just a matter of time until your indicted. If you felt you were innocent, an arrogant person like you would of never resigned in the first place.

You couldn't get elected dog catcher even if you tried and pulling out the race card and your references to God is a disgrace.

I'll be at the courthouse when you get indicted and you take a plea bargin.