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Monday, August 22, 2005

Newton-mob connection?

Who's writing the headlines at the Connecticut Post?

Today's Post has a strange article about State Senator Ernest Newton (D-Bridgeport) in which their headline says "Agents digging trash for cash, Federal probe focusing on mob ties" but the article not only fails to make a connection between Newton and the mob, it uses old quotes from previous stories.

I don't know if the guys at the Post were having a slow news day and jus wanted to do something on Newton or if the editors arejust sloppy but the article simply makes no sense. There are no new developments in the case, all of the quotes are from past articles in the paper, and most importantly, it never makes the mob-Newton connection (in fact the only reference to the mob in the artcle is the headline).

Is the Post just looking to sell papers and thinking abou the money they generate when Newton's name is on the front page? Take a look at the story and give me your opinion.