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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The BRAC commission voted today not to close the sub base in Groton!

From the AP
Commissioners weighing the Pentagon's plan to restructure hundreds of U.S. military bases on Wednesday spared an Army depot in Texas and a submarine base in Connecticut from being shut down.

However, as it began final voting Wednesday with lightning speed, the panel agreed with Pentagon proposals to close several other major bases elsewhere and, overall, approved many of the recommendations made by the Army and the Navy.

The nine-member panel chose to keep open the Red River Army Depot in Texas and Submarine Base New London in Connecticut, against the Pentagon's wishes.

The BRAC commission had many reasons to keep the base open...


They cited national security concerns, submarine force requirements, environmental cleanup costs, personnel needs and detailed reports challenging the Navy's projected cost savings.

In addition, lawmakers took issue with the Navy's assertion that an environmental cleanup would cost about $23 million and Pentagon officials last month acknowledged it may be too early to tell what the actual cost would be.

"Not only is Sub Base New London a first-class facility, it's the flagship of the submarine facility," said retired Air Force Gen. Lloyd "Fig" Newton, one of seven commissioners who voted to keep the base open. "I find that it would be a big mistake to close this facility at this time."

This is a great day for Connecticut and Republicans and Democrats should be proud of the work they did in saving the base!

I'll keep you updated once more information is available.