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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New poll numbers

The new Quinnipiac poll numbers show that Gov Rell is still very popular among voters with a whopping 79 percent approval rating and if the election happened today, she would easily beat any democratic challenger.

Although I don't know how much you can read in to this poll, if there is one thing people like in Connecticut whether it's a Republican or a Democrat, it's a moderate and Rell definately fits that role which is why she is very likeable. Look at Joe Lieberman and Nancy Johnson. Now, Lieberman for from a liberal Democrat and Johnson is far from a conservative Republican which is why they are very popular among most voters.

With approval numbers like this, it's going to be hard to beat Rell next fall but again, to be fair, it's VERY early in the campaign season so I really really put that much into parts of this poll. Most voters are not familiar with any of the democratic challengers yet and none of the campaigns are in full gear (Rell hasn't even announced if she's running).

My take is that I'll wait until the beginning of next year to start paying any serious attention to any polls. Although Rell's numbers look extermely strong, besides the attempt by John DeStefano to link Rell and Rowland together, we haven't heard much from any of the other candidates so we don't know where they stand on the issues that matter to voters.