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Monday, July 25, 2005

View John DeStefano's interview from Face the State

Here is the John DeStefano interview from Face the State Sunday. You know how I feel so judge for yourself.

Was Al Terzi over the top with his constant cutting off of DeStefano? Did he show a bias towards Gov. Rell with his pointed questions? Will he be as aggressive with other candidates or with Gov Rell (if she chooses to run)? Tell me what you think.

Windows Media player Lo res file (1.4 meg)

Windows Media Player Hi Res File (20 meg. NOTE: Link will open a new window to yousendit.com where you can download the video).

Quicktime file coming soon

UPDATE: After viewing the video, please take part in the new poll "Do you think Al Terzi treated DeStefano fairly on Face the State" located on the right, under the Archives section.