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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Joyrider wants charges dropped: no federal charges filed?

The stolen airplane saga continues in Danbury.

Philippe Patricio wants the charges against him dismissed by entering an alcoholic program. The 20 year old Bethel resident exposed the lack of security at Danbury Airport by stealing a airplane while intoxicated and flying around the Danbury and Westchester County area for three hours before finally landing at Westchester County Airport.

"We'd like the charges to go away," Camacho said outside the courtroom. "This really is a misdemeanor situation that's being made into a felony situation because of 9-11."

Patricio allegedly stole a single-engine Cessna June 22 from the Danbury airport, and, with two 16-year-olds as passengers, took a ride before landing at Westchester County Airport in New York. Patricio did not have a license to operate the plane.

He stoled a plane on government property, flew the plane without a license (which must be a violation of some federal law) and was lucky not to have killed anyone because when he finally landed the plane, he had less than five gallons of fuel left. How can this NOT be considered a felony situation? And where are the federal charges?

The two felony charges Patricio faces are possession of stolen property and reckless endangerment. On Thursday, he was arrested on a third misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest.

When making the bail argument, Ribeiro told Lust his client is not a danger to the community.

"There's no crimes of anger. There's no crimes of violence. He's a success story . . .," Ribeiro said.

"You say you don't believe he's a danger to the community. I have some concerns about that, given the charges," Lust said.

"The fact of the matter is, there's no destruction of property. There's been no one injured in this matter," Ribeiro replied.

"Thank God," Lust replied.

Thank God...I couldn't agree more.