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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CT Citizens for Immigration Control are at it again

These guys are just too much. The people who brought you the silly Minuteman Project have now branched off to smaller organizations one being the CT Citizens for Immigration Control. This silly (and I'm being nice in calling them that) group was formed in responce to the so-called illegal immigration situation in Danbury.

Now the masterminds in the organization thought it would be a great idea to track the license plates of contrators who pick up day laborers and hand the information over to the police.

From the Danbury News Times
"The purpose is twofold. First, the contractors who pick up these illegal aliens are breaking the law by employing them, as you know," said Elise Marciano, president of the group's Danbury chapter. "Number two, we want to identify them because they are underbidding other contractors who refuse to hire illegal aliens."
Okay, I'll throw an easxy one out there. Hey guys, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT ALL DAY LABORERS ARE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! I'll answer it for them, they don't and it's not their point. Their real point is just to stir the pot and draw attention to their cause. There is no way the police is going to go after a contracter because he picked up a day laborer when they can't PROVE that the person is illegal and the group knows this.

She wasn't sure how many times members of the group have been in Kennedy Park collecting information. She said she expects to learn more later this month, when the group meets again in Danbury.

However, a man who opposes the group but attended the last meeting nonetheless, said the group was supposed to be out in full force starting July 5 and continue until July 17.

Meanwhile, anonymous flyers sympathetic to day laborers, written in Spanish, appeared last week.

"A group of vigilantes (against immigrants) in Danbury plans to sabotage the contractors who hire illegal immigrants in Kennedy Park," the flyer read.
I'll post more on this group and their silly tactics later but I can tell you that their problem isn't just illegal immigrants but immigrants in general. Don't get caught up in the word "illegal" because it's just an easy way to discriminate against a some people. If they were all legal, there would still be day laborers taking jobs away from local roofers, painters, and landscapers because the day laborers can do it cheaper, faster, and in some cases, better than your local guy. There would still be local contractor pissed off because they you outbidded by contractors who hire day laborers so one has to wonder what is the point in their crusade.