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Monday, July 11, 2005

Sorry about the slow posting today

There's so much happeneing in CT today that I would love to psot more but I'm very limited because my laptop is down today. I'll be back later this evening with news from Ridgefield (if you a fan of the Connecticut Local Politics blog, you already know what I'm talking about) and the ongoing silliness regarding the CT Citizens
for Immigration Control and their so-called crusade against illegal immigrants in the Danbury area (you won't believe what they're trying to do now. I can't make this stuff up). I'll be debunking most of their silly claims later tonight so check back.

The poll is just about complete and I'll be closing it up and show the results tonight. A new question will be posted tomorrow.

Forum is open at all. Anything happening in CT I need to know about? Drop me a line and I'll look into it ASAP! I'm also looking for any local politics broadcasted on public access. If there any shows in your area that I shold be aware of, drop me an email or post it to the forum. I will have video links up on the site as soon as I move to a bigger server.