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Monday, June 27, 2005

Back in town

I have one word for Connecticut...HOT!

Who turned on the furnace? I guess I was spoiled with the ocean breeze these last few days.

I've been out of town for awhile but I'm back and I'll be posting more on the Supreme Court decision on Eminet Domain Laws and reaction from Connecticut politicans including some very interesting backpeddling from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal that (check out the good posting from Connecticut Local Politics).

If you haven't done so already, help out Connecticut Local Politics and chime in on their poll concerning the Domain Law decision (while you're at it, take a sec and check out my poll also).

I'll be also posting about the airport situation in Danbury from last Thursday. Wait till you see my pictures of the place, it's VERY interesting. Funny how all the patriotic politcal Republicans who were so outspoken abou the so-called illegal immigration problem are suddenly very quiet about the lack of security at the airport that happened under their watch...

Till tomorrow...