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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh look, Danbury is in the news AGAIN

What's going on at Hatcity nowadays?

If you're from Danbury, then it's no surprise that someone stole a airplane from the Danbury Airport Thursday night. What is shocking is the mayor, Mark Boughton and his ability to not take responsibility for the screwup.
City officials took initial steps to address security at the Danbury Airport on Thursday – steps some police officers and officials in nearby towns say are long overdue.

Danbury officials say they have adjusted the schedules of special officers who now patrol the airport. Mayor Mark Boughton announced plans to hire an outside company to make sure the airport is as secure as possible.

The moves came after the alleged theft Wednesday of a single-engine plane by a 20-year-old Bethel man. Authorities say Philippe Patricio flew two 16-year-old passengers from Danbury Airport to Westchester County Airport. Patricio was drunk and didn't have a pilot's license, police said.

After the theft, New York officials said it was unsettling someone could so easily sneak into Danbury Airport. They said it was fortunate the alleged plane thief wasn't a terrorist targeting New York City, the Indian Point nuclear plant or some other place.


Danbury officials largely defended security at their airport, saying it met Federal Aviation Administration regulations for small airfields.

"I never said nobody will ever steal an airplane," said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. "What I said was the airport meets FAA regulations. We follow all of their security rules. If there is a discussion of whether the FAA regulations are good enough, that's a larger discussion."

You never said nobody would STEAL a airplane? Are you serious? You followed security rules but you knew there was a possibility someone could just walk onto the airport and steal an airplane? Is this mayor is more concerned over illegal aliens than the security of HIS LEGAL citizens (BTW Mayor, I'm still waiting to hear from the mayor on what city resources are being drained because of the illegal aliens and by how much. While you at it mayor, can you still answer my question I asked you last month which was how can you say there are 15,000 illegal aliens in a city which has a population of under 75,000).

Danbury is a perfect place for a terrorist to plan an attack. It's a relative small city and a close to New York. If someone took an airplane from the airport, they would have no problem launching an attack on NYC. A 20 year old DRUNK kid had no problem taking a plane from the airport and fly around for three hours without anyone from the Air Force intercepting him. Again, the 20 year old DRUNK kid took a plane and flew it around Danbury and Westchester County New York for almost three hours and got away with it.

Mayor Boughton, Gov Rell (a Brookfield native), and even Nancy Johnson (5th district covers Danbury) have some very serious explaining to do their citizens and should not be held accountable for this major blunder.