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Sunday, September 21, 2008

CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT: Michele Mount for State Rep


The next entry in my "Campaign Spotlight" series brings me to Connecticut's 112 State and features a Democrat who challenging a Republican incumbent with one of the worse voting record in the General Assembly (as well as someone who has a problem when it comes to mathematics).

Meet Michele Mount, a former legislative liaison, former special adviser for Bill Finch, and daughter of former State Rep and Attorney General Carl R. Ajello. As a former legislative liaison, Mount is no stranger in terms of how things are done in Hartford and outlined where she stands on a long list of issues that are of concern in the area that makes up the 112th district (Newtown, Monroe).

Yesterday, I sat down with Mount and talked to her about her campaign, her goals if elected State Rep, and the differences between her and her opponent.

For more information of Mount, please visit her website.

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