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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Requiem of an intern

Oh my!

At a forum on Connecticut’s history of disciplining public officials Tuesday, a legislative intern known for sporting a Fedora at work made some wild accusations about what goes on around the Capitol.

“Eighty percent of the legislators here have some form of corruption, whether in their background or right now,” the intern for three House Democrats said at Tuesday’s forum, according to video footage from the Connecticut Network.


“From liquor and smoking in a state facility, from sex in actual offices to kickbacks from lobbyists…” Marsulo said.


Former Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan of West Hartford told the intern Tuesday that in 1970 he started his internship at the Capitol and it led him to want to run for public office. He said the bulk of the people here are good people. “There are some bums, but there aren’t very many,” Sullivan said.

“This is what you get from politicians,” Marsulo responded.

Earlier during the exchange Marsulo said, “I can’t reveal a lot of where my sources are right now. I will in the future.”

Rep. Kathy Tallarita, D-Enfield, who is in charge of the Internship program at the Capitol, said Wednesday outside the House Chamber she is taking measures to address the situation. She said the three legislators the intern works for have had no issues with him. He works for Rep. Kevin Ryan, D-Oakdale, Rep. Sandy Nafis, D-Newington, and Rep. Jeff Berger, D-Waterbury.

“We’ve never had to deal with someone being so disrespectful,” Tallarita said.
Can you say former intern...